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Pinokiothek der Moderne

... immer eine Nasenlänge voraus ...

off space gallery curated by Klaus E. Dietl and Stephanie Müller measurements: 2,0 m x 1,5 m x 0,5 m located at Augustenstr. 100, 80798 Munich, Germany

The Pinokiothek der Moderne is an art cabinet located in the midst of Munich's district for contemporary arts, nearby art institutions such as the Museum Brandhorst and the Lenbachhaus. Nothing is off limits at the Pinokiothek. It is a cosy home for paintings, drawings, photography, cutting-edge literature, conceptual art and sound projects. It works as a miniature performance venue and it has already been transformed into a temporary greenhouse.

In 2010 Klaus E. Dietl and Stephanie Müller started to host artists from all over the globe. They try to push art collaborations and interdisciplinary projects. Each art show can be visited 24/7. The idea is to cross Munich's fancy separators and to make art accessible to everyone. Ready to take off the blinkers?

Presented artists and collaboratives

Alligator Gozaimasu, Aoi Swimming, Max Amling (Super Sweet Reality), Carolin Angele, Jim Avignon, Jutta Baumann, beißpony, Friedrich Boomgaarden, Señor Burns (Red Can Company), C.I.Y. Republic, Thomas Glatz, Tina Griffith, Institut für Leistungsabfall und Kontemplation, Heidi Mühlschlegel, Mikio Saito, Oisogashi Myhometown, rag*treasure, ReguRegu, Schnurrbart (Heta Salkolahti – Town of Saints / Veronica Burnuthian – Friends of Gas), Birgit Scholin, Anatol Schuster, Bernadette Stadler, Alejandro Valbuena Martinez, Versprechen & Anderes Versagen (Promises & Other Failures), Team Weltretter, Sigi Wiedemann