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A selection of works and projects
Alligator Gozaimasu
International music collective
initiated by Stephanie Müller
The Unwritten New Normal
Online co-production
by Stephanie Müller and Anas Nahleh
A Clearer Mirror
Online co-production
by Klaus E. Dietl and Rawan Roshni
The Mouth - Our Ultimate Prison
Feature film
written by Klaus E. Dietl, starring Stephanie Müller
Mixed media (video, fashion, staged photography)
by Klaus E. Dietl, Stephanie Müller and Birthe Blauth
Beasts and Loners
Sound art and live performance group
consisting of Stephanie Müller and Lisa Simpson
Arms Are for Hugging, Arms Are for Mugging
Mixed media (visual art, performance)
by Klaus E. Dietl and Stephanie Müller
Paraphrase: The Slaughtered Sleeping Bag
Mixed media (painting, textiles, video)
by Stephanie Müller and Klaus E. Dietl
Space Parts
by Klaus E. Dietl
Camera Silens – Dead Apparatus
Mixed media (painting, textiles, sound)
by Klaus E. Dietl and Stephanie Müller
Pinokiothek der Moderne
Off space gallery
curated by Klaus E. Dietl and Stephanie Müller